This is where it all starts!.  The local club bowler is the core to all bowling at all levels.

Today, bowls come in all colours and sizes, just like the people who use them!  The coloured bowls are great if your having a good game but conspicuous if your having an off day.  Many youngsters now joining the game go for the coloured bowls and if that is an encouragement to have a go at our sport, wer'e all for them!  Footwear on any green and in any event is very important. In order to prevent any damage to the greens footwear must be absolutely heel less and smooth soled.  Bowling shoes can be purchased in either brown or white, bowlers are allowed to wear bowling sandals, popular in many indoor clubs, but this rule varies from club to club.

Dress Code
For decades it has been grey skirts/white tops, (skirts ladies only please!)
Not before time, we are now beginning to see a touch of colour being introduced to the dress code, especially with regard to the indoor game at club, county, national and world bowls level.   Indoor clubs have introduced coloured shirts, and at Earlswood ladies are now allowed to wear tailored grey trousers for league and competion games (up to semi finals).  Not only is this once again popular with the younger bowler, colours certainly make it easier for spectators at bowling events to follow the game!

The Format
All National competitions are played under the rules laid down by their Associations.  Clubs are able to add domestic rulings to their constitutions regarding their own league and competition games and affairs relating to the running of their club.
For all established bowlers you may read no further! For those of you who may know nothing of the game and are thinking of having a go, read on!.

Bowlers play in 1 of 4 positions in a team of four.  The LEAD   (1st to bowl), second,  third and last to bowl,   SKIP   The Skip is (usually!) the more experienced bowler and is capable of "reading the head" to be able to direct their team bowlers as to the shot they should play.  Novice bowlers usually start playing lead or second but you may find that many bowlers stick to playing what they are best at.
The object of the game is to get your bowl as near as possible to that little white ball called the  "JACK"  The nearest bowl gets the "SHOT"   If you have 2, 3, 4, or even more of your team's bowls (LOL) nearest to the jack you pick up that number of shots.   After all bowlers have alternately delivered their bowls, the END is finished.  The number of ends played in a game is determined by what event is being played. (see below) Our league games are played for two hours regardless of the number of ends played. each team picks up 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and "Lord help us".  Stadiums run their own competitions each season and these games are usually played under rules laid down by their National Association

"Fours" - Four bowlers playing 21 ends with two bowls each

"Triples - Three bowlers playing 18 ends with three bowls each

"Pairs" - Two bowlers playing 21 ends with four bowls each

"Singles" - Single bowler with four bowls. First to gain 21 shots winner

Now you've learnt a little about the game why not come along and have a go!. No courage?  Then bring your spouse, father, mother, daughter, son, or friend along with you.  You will recieve a warm welcome and we are sure, once tried you will become "Bowled Over" with the game.
Recognise the music?  No chance of this in the indoor game!

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