Earlswood Indoor Bowling Club was founded by its owner Mr S Gorvett.  The owner together with a management committee conducted the affairs of the club until 1998, after which time the members themselves took on the responsibility of running the club.  A new management committee was elected and since that time much refurbishment of the stadium has taken place.   At this moment in time there is a membership of approximately 300, our season runs from September to April and club colours are blue T-shirts and dark blue discs.  The stadium exudes a friendly and competetive atmosphere during all games and although most members are affiliated to National Associations, a number of our members come along simply to enjoy a friendly game of bowls.
We cater for the needs of young, old, men, women, experienced or novice bowlers.  With a programme of league, friendly, mixed, club and national knock out competitions, there is little time to become bored during the long winter months.
Earlswood IBC is now also open during the summer months, to provide indoor bowling for those who because of age or medical reasons are unable to play outdoors. We also have a thriving coaching system where times of the week are set aside to introduce the game to all ages. Saturday mornings is the time when children as young as 8 can be introduced to the game. We have all the equipment to hand so no cost is incurred to those wishing to learn.
Be assured, summer or winter, a warm welcome awaits new members and visitors whatever their standard, and any of our qualified coaches will be happy to help you get started.  Private bookings from school, youth and other organisations are very welcome, and if you wish to use the facilities at Earlswood then please contact us.
In recent years, Earlswood has been host to National games and trials, and in April 2003, it had the honour of hosting the WIBA Championships.
This year, Earlswood is proud to join the growing number of bowling clubs and Associations who, in looking to the future, are using the technology afforded them today to help promote and foster our sport.  The hope is that our web site will not only work for the betterment of bowls, but will instill in our members, a renewed interest, feeling of camaraderie and pride in both their club and country.

The sport of bowling has been traced back to the ancient Egyptians.  Today the game is played in over 35 countries around the world.  United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Thailand, India, Spain, Israel, South Africa, USA, Malasia and Holland to name just a few.
The game is played by individuals/clubs/counties and at International Level, the highest level being the Commonwealth Games and World Bowls.  Sadly, after many attemps, it is yet to be accepted into the Olympic Games.
As far as my research has shown, the indoor game was first introduced in England by the famous cricketer Dr W.G.Grace.  Near the end of his cricket-playing days, in 1901 he was appointed Director of Sports, and being already involved in outdoor bowling, he converted grass tennis courts at Crystal Palace into outdoor bowling greens.  This resulted in the formation of the London County Bowling Club.  He and two other members were instrumental in forming the English Bowling Association in 1903, and he captained the newly formed England Team in matches that year against Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
During the winter months, the cricket players practiced on an indoor coconut matting surface, and in 1905 it was decided to arrange bowls on the surface in one of the galleries at Crystal Palace.  The Crystal Palace Indoor Bowling Club, the oldest indoor club, was founded the same year with 36 members.  These facts are evidenced by an extract from the "The Bowlers Annual" by W.G.Grace and W.Stonehewer published in 1906 by the "News of the World".  The extract contains a list of indoor clubs in England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland with the only club mentioned being Crystal Palace.
Throughout the 20th century many more indoor bowling clubs have been founded all over the UK, ensuring the sport can be enjoyed the whole year through.